Florida Virtual Office Space

Florida virtual office space is a combination of a paid mailing address, forwarding services and a Florida phone number. These things complete the Florida nexus.

Purchase a virtual office in Florida when you want a bit more than the standard Florida mail forwarding service. If you are running a business from home, or an RV, need a phone number for registrations or just want a Florida phone number to go with a FL virtual office address, a virtual office space in Florida is your answer.

Mail Forwarding Service

Florida virtual office mail forwarding service is the way you get physical mail to yourself after it has been delivered to the Florida virtual address. Mail forwarding providers that operate virtual offices usually put your delivered mail into a separate envelope and then mail it to your registered address. Mail is typically forwarded by first class postage through the USPS.

Mail Scanning Service

Mail scanning service for a Florida address is a way to see your mail as soon as it is delivered to your Florida mailing address. The advantages of mail scanning over mail forwarding are time and reference. You will not have to wait for the physical mail to be redirected with additional ship times and with mail scanning, you will have a digital archive of your scanned mail to view whenever needed.

Virtual Office Phone

Virtual office phone service is the final piece of the puzzle for a virtual space. When adding a Florida phone number to your Florida virtual space, you are creating a true virtual office. The two types of virtual office phone numbers are a bulky phone that you have to travel with and plug into an internet connection and the other is a forwarding service that rings the FL number to your phone or cell phone.

How to Rent a Florida Virtual Office

Rent a Florida virtual office space from a good mail forwarding provider. If their website or location looks a little shady, that’s your first clue to go with someone else. Make sure the building looks professional, like you would actually have a physical office space there. See more tips.

When looking for a Florida virtual office service provider, make sure you ask the following questions about services rendered.

  • Is physical mail forwarding offered?
  • Is mail scanning service offered?
  • Do the contents of the envelope get scanned, or just the front of the envelope?
  • Is the Florida address a professional and respectable location?
  • Can packages be forwarded?
  • What type of phone service is offered, is it a Florida phone number?

We shopped around and asked mail forwarding services these various Florida virtual office questions. The best deal we found was through Sasquatch Mail. They offer a professional location with all the services needed for a successful virtual office experience with a Florida virtual address.